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Oh march, how are you already here? I love that you are but am I the only person who feels as if 2017 is flying by? I feel as if I just entered the new year last week, I feel like I’m getting old … if I feel like this I wonder how my elders feel.

Welcome March, welcome to my life.. I sure do hope you have a lot in store for me. Be colorful, happy and good to me, please. I’ve always loved March… the warmer days start. Trees and flowers blossom and people are happier.

This year I feel like March is going to be a better one than usual, March 2016 wasn’t exactly what I had in mind because I quit  work and moved. But this year I feel as if I’m more settled down and actually content with life. So much has changed since last March, people who I thought I’d never be able to live without, I have lived exactly 1 year without you and I’m so proud of myself. I finally got rid of the useless people who just made my life stressful, I now know not to ever put others before myself. I’m still glad all the people that I have left in the past came into my life though, because they taught me so much, not just about life or people but more of myself. Thank you for making me who I am today. I hope you’re all as happy as I am.

2017 you’ve been flying by… but I sure do hope we all enjoy March 2017.

Heres to a great month ahead…

xx bb


The world is huge, our lives aren’t long enough to waste time stuck in the same place. Go somewhere you haven’t been, somewhere where nobody knows your name. Meet new people, make new friends, our hearts were made to travel this world. You should experience being foreign at least once…

Xx -busra

3 ingredient tahini maple fudge


If you have any questions about the recipe please feel free to comment.  xx busra

Let go of the past, but don’t forget what it has taught you. Whatever is in the past stays back there… but the things it has taught you are always with you, right by your side. Forget the betrayals, break-ups the when’s and why’s. Searching for their reasons isn’t going to change anything. Don’t tire yourself or others out by thinking or questioning such. Let go of everything. Stop thinking about what tomorrow is going to be like, because just yesterday you were thinking about today. Live today and see what it has planned for you. Worrying prevents you from enjoying the moment, and the beautiful surprises life has to offer. Believe in the good and good things will come your way. Stop worrying, let go, be positive and always believe in yourself.

xx busra

“The moment you truly accept yourself, you are reborn and unique.”- Unknown

Accepting ourselves is probably one of the most difficult things in life. As long as the internet is alive we’re always going to see and read the negatives. We’re all so deeply rooted into self-criticism nowadays we forget how lucky we are. We define ourselves not by our achievements but by our mistakes. 

It all starts with social media and comparing ourselves to others, the thing is that we can never accept ourselves if all we do is compare ourselves to unrealistic images. By doing so we always feel as if we’re not good enough, pretty enough, rich enough or smart enough… the list goes on forever.

By comparing ourselves to others we’ll always find someone who can do it better than us. But actually there are some things that we can do better than others, we all have strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

“BE YOURSELF, embrace your uniqueness.” Is what I live by now.

Being myself, knowing my weaknesses and accepting the fact that perfection doesn’t exist has helped me so much psychologically. I know there are better people than me in the world. I know that, I accept it because I know that I’m doing the best I possibly can to be the best of me. I accept who I am now, I see my flaws as a part of me. If I didn’t have a birthmark on my lip I wouldn’t be me! I accept what has been given to me & I wouldn’t change it for the world..

Here’s to accepting our flaws day by day… 

xx busra

Matcha Madness

I got on the matcha madness a little late, but a little late is always better than never am I right? 

What is this matcha madness is what I was asking myself when scrolling down Instagram and Pinterest weeks ago. Later then I found myself at a local coffee shop that had matcha chia pudding? I didn’t know matcha could be used in so many different ways. I started to search online on benefits and the types of matcha. I didn’t know there were different kinds… I quickly found a Turkish brand that sells 2 types of Matcha and ordered it. After reading all of its benefits I was eager to try. At last it came in the mail, I don’t know if it’s just me but I hated the taste of matcha tea when I first tried it, it tasted like earth. I used a whisk and hot water but it just wasn’t for me. I promised myself I would force myself to drink matcha every morning for breakfast. As the days went on I realized I really enjoyed the taste of it. I now have matcha tea every morning for breakfast. 

Matcha is a powder that can be used in recipes as well. It is high in anti-oxidants and in caffeine. In the weeks ahead I’ll be using matcha in some different recipes and share them with you. 

I’ve written some benefits of matcha:

– Detoxifying

– Energizing

– High in anti-oxidants

–  Less caffeine than coffee
Matcha really gives me that energy boost I need at 6am! 

Thanks xx

ready, set… go

Oh here we go… hello social world!

I don’t know if anyone will ever be reading this but I’m going to give this blog thing a try and see where it takes me. Well if you’re sitting there reading this… hi there I’m Busra. I’m 21 and pretty lost in the world, I don’t really know what I want in life, but who really does at 21 ?  I’ll go on with a little about me. See like I said I’m 21, a libra, and also an Interior Designer currently at work writing my first ever blog post. I’ve always wanted a blog to share my daily activities, travels and recipes (I love baking). So this is the start.. wish me luck!

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