I got on the matcha madness a little late, but a little late is always better than never am I right? 

What is this matcha madness is what I was asking myself when scrolling down Instagram and Pinterest weeks ago. Later then I found myself at a local coffee shop that had matcha chia pudding? I didn’t know matcha could be used in so many different ways. I started to search online on benefits and the types of matcha. I didn’t know there were different kinds… I quickly found a Turkish brand that sells 2 types of Matcha and ordered it. After reading all of its benefits I was eager to try. At last it came in the mail, I don’t know if it’s just me but I hated the taste of matcha tea when I first tried it, it tasted like earth. I used a whisk and hot water but it just wasn’t for me. I promised myself I would force myself to drink matcha every morning for breakfast. As the days went on I realized I really enjoyed the taste of it. I now have matcha tea every morning for breakfast. 

Matcha is a powder that can be used in recipes as well. It is high in anti-oxidants and in caffeine. In the weeks ahead I’ll be using matcha in some different recipes and share them with you. 

I’ve written some benefits of matcha:

– Detoxifying

– Energizing

– High in anti-oxidants

–  Less caffeine than coffee
Matcha really gives me that energy boost I need at 6am! 

Thanks xx