Oh march, how are you already here? I love that you are but am I the only person who feels as if 2017 is flying by? I feel as if I just entered the new year last week, I feel like I’m getting old … if I feel like this I wonder how my elders feel.

Welcome March, welcome to my life.. I sure do hope you have a lot in store for me. Be colorful, happy and good to me, please. I’ve always loved March… the warmer days start. Trees and flowers blossom and people are happier.

This year I feel like March is going to be a better one than usual, March 2016 wasn’t exactly what I had in mind because I quit  work and moved. But this year I feel as if I’m more settled down and actually content with life. So much has changed since last March, people who I thought I’d never be able to live without, I have lived exactly 1 year without you and I’m so proud of myself. I finally got rid of the useless people who just made my life stressful, I now know not to ever put others before myself. I’m still glad all the people that I have left in the past came into my life though, because they taught me so much, not just about life or people but more of myself. Thank you for making me who I am today. I hope you’re all as happy as I am.

2017 you’ve been flying by… but I sure do hope we all enjoy March 2017.

Heres to a great month ahead…

xx bb